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Wave goodbye to the chaos of holiday baking. Treat yourself to unforgettable, stress-free pies using basic ingredients and simple tricks that deliver the homemade taste you crave.

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Professional pie secrets await

Indulge in this delectable pie guide to enhance your baking journey at any experience level. Get a taste of your savvy baking tips below from your pie guide!

Forget everything you think you know about pies...

Dough is hard to work with—until now

Pie dough is a unique and wonderful artistic medium, full of delicious potential. Discover all its wonders and quirks to achieve a perfect pie without sacrificing texture or taste.

Baking with precision doesn't happen overnight

Creating a bragworthy pie is no small feat, especially when each element bakes at different time and temperature settings. Learn about my ultimate game-changing techniques!

Crust is the ultimate canvas for creativity

Making a pie look as good as it tastes may seem like a creative challenge. Mastering a beautiful presentation with decorative crusts or toppings doesn't have to be reserved for seasoned bakers.

Simple to stunning

Enhance your favorite classics with new and exciting flavors. Unlock the untapped potential of pie with these expert techniques.

Bake beautiful memories

Infused with experimentation and creativity, you can finally bake beyond the boundaries and create something that’s uniquely tailored for you.

Science meets artistry

Get a taste of what’s been baking. These techniques are just a slice of your next pie art journey. Don’t miss out, there’s so much more in store.

World of pie-sibilities

Create lasting memories and enjoy delectable delights with your family and friends. Impress effortlessly and leave them craving more.

I use 3 Secrets to help elevate your baking journey

Hi there, I'm Jessica, your guide to all things pie! If you've ever been frustrated or bored with baking, believe me, I get it! As the world's first professional pie artist, I made it my mission to uncover all of the old baking secrets and develop a few unconventional ones of my own—and now I'm ready to share everything I've learned with you. Let me show you just how fun and easy it is to become a savvy baker!

These secrets have empowered me to pioneer a new mindset toward never-before-seen pie artistry. That's precisely why I've baked them into your content— to help you build a profound understanding that boosts your confidence and sets your creativity free to experiment, discover, and whip up your very own pie wonders! Here's how they work:


Find your baking zen

Say goodbye to kitchen chaos and the stress to impress. It's time to amaze with your pies using a pinch of science, a dash of planning, and a heaping spoonful of fun.


Embrace the setbacks

Unlock a mindset that allows you to celebrate every fail while leaning on my experience to conquer frustrations and bring your own delectable creations to life.


Break the boundaries

Go beyond the crust to nurture your creative spirit with boundless inspiration—a gateway to develop your style and explore with the freedom to reinvent yourself again and again. 

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"I don't even know where to begin, this is amazing. Jessica teaches you how to make your pies awesome!! Easy to follow instructions, great pictures to reference this has it ALL!!”


"My new favorite tool for baking. I am so impressed by all the information Jessica was able to include. It's clear she put her whole heart, soul and personality into this."


"This is excellent for the novice and the experienced baker. I'm experienced, and I never knew that pie could be done individually on sticks or built upwards! I've been baking my whole life. I feel like I'm just starting again!"


"If you want to take your pie decorating game to the next level, listen to Jessica. I love the techniques for overcoming major pie dough issues like shrinkage, color loss on tinted doughs and more. Really next-level stuff, super helpful and the pies are inspiring."


"This is an absolute MUST for the person that loves to make pies! This is a work of art throughout and you'll be delighted with its contents! Pies like you've never seen before. This WOWED me!!"


"Pies are not only awesome, in these lessons they are fun. Her approach is easy. The language sets a fun tone. The illustrations are amazing. A perfect first baker course!"

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Unleash your baking brilliance

Ready to transform your holiday staples and be the star of every gathering this season? Download this free guide and embark on an exciting journey of creating unforgettable pies using basic canned fillings. The path to elevating your culinary creativity to new heights starts here.

Who is PieSavvy?

PieSavvy blends science-baked techniques and experimental concepts with boundless creative inspiration and camaraderie—empowering learners of all levels to make brag-worthy baked goods while carving their unique path within a vibrant community.

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